Panther Protocol is an end-to-end solution that restores privacy in Web3 and DeFi while providing financial institutions with a clear path to compliantly participate in decentralized finance.

Panther Protocol offers ground-breaking privacy-enhancing technology for DeFi. It provides DeFi users with interoperable, fully collateralized privacy-enhancing digital assets, leveraging zkSNARK technology, and offers a novel price discovery mechanism for privacy. Users are able to mint zero-knowledge zAssets by depositing digital assets from any blockchain into Panther Vaults and using these zAssets across a full range of DeFi applications.

Panther’s believes zAssets will become an ever-expanding asset class. Stablecoins, utility tokens and NFTs will all become infused with privacy. Institutional DeFi and Web3 require privacy to scale and disrupt legacy systems.


Privacy Rights at a chain level

Due to the immutable and transparent nature of public blockchains, DeFi users are unknowingly and unwillingly subject to surveillance and economic espionage. There is no privacy on-chain. Retail, institutional traders and whales risk losing their competitive advantages by having their transaction history observed, rapidly turning their alpha into obsolete tactics.

Panther Protocol enables interoperable onchain privacy for transactions between users and DeFi applications. It has been created to restore the balance of transactional privacy and compliance.

As a default, Panther empowers DeFi users with full privacy, while enabling them to provide zero-knowledge disclosures (prove compliance without providing underlying data) or full disclosures to a specific counter-party at the user’s discretion.

Selective disclosures are the future of compliance and the game-changer institutional users have been waiting for as it puts them in control, providing unstoppable privacy and freedom to share data with whoever they decide. We believe all code should be open, transparent and auditable.

That being said, our transactions should not be open for everyone to see and leverage. A fully transparent transactional history for everyone is a disaster, and our goal is to infuse privacy into DeFi and Web3, else the new systems we are building will be worse for humanity than the legacy we want to disrupt.

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