XRT - Robonomics Network IoT platform for connecting robotics, powered by Polkadot & Ethereum blockchains (one of the first projects working with Polkadot since 2018) Robonomics Network & Web3: Web 3 is a technologies ecosystem focused on decentralizing web software protocols.

Robonomics is an open source server less platform for connecting robotics and Internet of Things to the digital economy through Polkadot and Ethereum. By connecting IoT devices to Robonomics parachain, developers get:

1) The level of security that is not possible with conventional cloud-based AWS IoT and Azure IoT architectures. Thanks to the Shared security provided by Polkadot/Kusama Relay Chain.

2) An opportunity to make connected devices autonomous economic agents, enabling the opportunity to combine the technical and economic information into one machine-to-machine / machine-to-human transaction.

3) Transparent and immutable database for storing logs of services provided by devices. Besides, Robonomics brings Kusama ecosystem into the real-world through the internet of things with the Robobank pallet.

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